"Acoustic Music with a Difference"
Tom Maxwell

       Welcome to Tom Maxwell website.   Tom is a solo acoustic guitar artist who has played for
       more than 30 yrs. in the NY Metro area. Tom has played with many of the areas leading bands
       as well as National Acts( Recently with Mac McAnally of the Jimmy Buffett Band) Tom is also
       a member of the Ed Travers Band (edtraversband.com) Tom is also Corporately sponsored
       by Heineken and Land Shark Beer.  **Life is complicated  so dates are subject to change,
      Oct. 3,          O'Briens Pub, "Happy Hour" 4-8pm.
      Oct. 4,          KB Burger Shack, Patchogue, "Boxes of Love" for our Troop
                           Metro Parrot Head Phlocking,   Jimmy Buffett has                                   
                           donated the shrimp!, come down with toiletry items or a donation, 8pm.
      Oct. 5,          Senix Creek Inn,  4-7pm. Center Moriches
      Oct. 11,        Martha Clara Vineyards, W/ Ed Travers 1-5pm.
      Oct. 11,        Phil's Place , Wading River, w/ Ed Travers Band 7pm.
      Oct. 12,        Casino at Davis Park, Season Closing Party!  w/ Ed Travers 1-5pm.
      Oct. 17,        O'Briens Pub, "Happy Hour" 4-8pm.
      Oct. 18,        Senix Creek Inn,  5-8pm. Center Moriches.
      Oct. 19,        Octoberfest Cruise on "The MoonChaser" out of Captree Basin, 3-8pm.
                           W/ Ed Travers Band, check their web site for ticket purchase!
      Oct. 24,        Rudi's   W/ Ed Travers Band, @ 8pm.
      Oct. 25,        Hope House gala,at Shoreham Village Hall 7-11pm. W/ Ed Travers Band
  Oct.31-Nov.4,  Key West tour, W/ Ed Travers  "Meeting of the Minds"
      Nov.  7,        O'Brien's pub, "Happy Hour" 4-8pm.
      Nov.  8,        The Harbor Crab, "Salt Water Country" 7-11pm.Patchogue (No Meters!)
      Nov.  9,         Senix Creek Inn, "Wounded Warriors" project. 1pm -???, Center Moriches
      Nov.  14,       Forge River Yacht Club,  8pm.
      Nov.  21,       O'Brien's Pub.   "Happy Hour" 4-8pm. Coram
      Nov.  22,       KB's Burger Shack,   9pm. West Patchogue ( No Meters!)
      Nov.  26,       Senix Creek Inn  Pre-Thanksgivig Celebration, w/ Ed Travers and Dave Cobb.
      Nov.  28,       Rudi's Sports Bar, W/ Ed Travers Band , 8pm.Shaber Rd. ans Rte112
      Nov.  29,       Meatballs, W/ Ed Travers Band,8pm. Patchogue.
      Dec.  5,         O'Brien's Pub, "Happy Hour",  4-8pm.
      Dec.  6,         On The Waterfront , 6-9pm.  Patchogue.
      Dec.  7,         Kris Kringle Raffle at the Harbor Crab, W/ Ed Travers, 1pm.
      Dec.  12,       Rudi's Sprts Bar, W/ Ed Travers Band, 8pm.
      Dec.  13,       The Harbor Crab, "Salt Water Country",  7-11pm.
      Dec.  19,       O'Brien's Pub, "Happy Hour" 4-8pm.
      Dec.  20,       KB's Burger Shack,   8pm.  Christmas Party!!
      Dec.  26,       The Harbor Crab, "Caribbean Winter Party"  w/Ed Travers.   8pm.
      Dec.  27,       Rudi's Sports Bar,  "Ed Travers Birthday Party", w/ Ed Travers Band 8pm.
      Dec.  31,       KB's Burger Shack, New Years Eve Party, 9pm.

     2015 SCHEDULE, in the works!!

     More Dates  to Follow,  Too many to add right now!!!     
     I  am currently in the process of booking more engagements (solo)and will up date
     ASAP.   I am now, also playing with the "Ed Travers Band" will post those dates as
     soon as they become available.  Hope to see you all soon.
     *** Ps.  Happy to announce, that I now have a Corporate Sponsor!
     "This is Tom Maxwell"  CD is on sale at all shows.
        Soon to release Ed Travers Band Cd!  " Montauk Breeze"