"Acoustic Music with a Difference"
Tom Maxwell

       Welcome to Tom Maxwell's website.   Tom is a solo acoustic guitar artist who has played for
       more than 30 yrs. in the NY Metro area. Tom has played with many of the Areas Top Bands
       as well as National Acts( Recently with Mac McAnally of the Jimmy Buffett Band) , Tom  has
       put together a New Band  "The Big Revival " playing the Best of Kenny Chesney and today's
       New Country!  He also continues to be a part time member of the Ed Travers Band.  
        ** (Life is complicated, so dates are subject to subject to change!)

                                 ***** 2018-19Schedule*****
     Mar. 29,      Rudi"s Sports Bar and Grill,With The Big Revival, @ 8:30
     Mar. 30,      The Blue Goose, Solo 8-11 Patchogue (Free Parking)
     Apr. 6,        The Big Revival at the Blue Goose, 9-12(''''    '''')
     Apr. 7,        Carney's Irish Pub, solo 4-8, Amityville.
     Apr. 19,       The Blue Goose, Solo, 8-11 Patchogue Free Parking)
     Apr. 26,       The Big Revival at the Harbor Crab, 7:30 Patchogue ( Free Parking)
     Apr.27 -May 4  Cayman Islands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
     May 5,          Cinco de mayo at the Harbor Crab W/ The Big Revival 3-7 Patchogue
                          Free Parking!
     May 11,        The Blue Goose W/The Big Revival 9-12 , Patchogue, (Free Parking)
     May 14,        Taco Tuesday at  The Harbor Crab solo 6-9 Patchogue ("""""""""')
     May 15,        The Dublin Deck, W/The Big Revival, 6-9 Patchogue (Free Parking)
     May 17,        The Harbor Crab, W/The Big Revival, 7:30 Patchogue("""""""""")
     May 25,        The Blue Goose, solo, 8-11, Patchogue (Free Parking)
     May 28,        Taco Tues , The Harbor Crab, solo 6-9 Patchogue  (Free Parking)
     May 31,        Carney's Irish Pub , solo, 6-9 Amityville

     More Dates  to Follow!!!   Too many to add right now!!!     Summer dates are in for
     The Big Revival will publish as the time approaches.(27 dates!! Looking Good!)
     I  am currently in the process of booking    more engagements (solo)and will up date
     ASAP.   I am still  playing (PART TIME) with Ed and the "Ed Travers Band" will post
     those dates as soon as they become available.  Hope to see you all soon.